Monday, October 27, 2003


Boom like cannon fire rips and rolls around the sky.

From the tear a flood
gushes like a fresh hewn wound
no way to sew the sky
only lie listening in bed.

Hear the atmosphere as the heavens bled.

27 October 2003

Thursday, October 23, 2003


cold porcelain against
my naked back
before warm fill
a chilly safety

no rubber duckie toy
but tools aplenty
a cup
a cloth
two plastic
garbage bags

arm and leg held up
lean backward awkward in the bath

inquisicat slinks in
wondering what
his stupid human is about

no soak of luxury
but clean
funny all the things
i never thought of

23 october 2003

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Night Shower

Rain shimmers down
in gleaming sheets
to glitter black and white
against dark streets.

Puffing breeze makes
cling and bong of chimes as metal meets
wood striker;
smell of wet and patter drone
lull me into soothing sleeps.

14 October 2003

Monday, October 13, 2003


Unwinking eye
stares bright from nightblack sky
through space racing
alongside my speeding car
sinking toward horizon
keep my eyes on
morning star
granite slab hangs orange
by smutty smears of mist obscured, astray
to other side
hymen barrier
of dawn breaks
bleeding into day.

10 October


Fall: a noun, a verb,
an image and
a metaphor
implies involuntary action

First moment as I went is crystal
brilliant in my memory
at once the thoughts
I don't believe this
and simultaneously
here we go

Falling is enacting an immediacy
of present tense

(falling sudden shocking
somehow not unexpected)

Fell suggests an ending
action completed

And the last, my landing
raising face from pavement
rolling over, hoping
there was someone
here to help

Friday, October 10, 2003

Seven Sea

He loves me like a river
constant, ever changing
pouring feeding waters sweet
freshwaters, I his only destination

He loves me like a piper,
running from the surf foam,
pecking, plucking, snatching
morsels I have left for him to find

He loves me like a diver
in endless fascination
holds me ever harmless
for my whims and violent waves

He loves me like a fisher
taking nourishment as needed
dipping dripping nets and buckets
makes offerings of thanks

He loves me like a shark
immersed in me, feels flutter
through gills that ever thirst
for the flow of my saltwaters

He loves me like the rocks along the shore
saving trees and houses from my rage
protecting me from flotsam trash
carelessly discarded

He loves me like a geyser
far inland, ashore
distant spurts connecting
with the rhythm of my tides

10 October 2003

Wednesday, October 08, 2003


Mist boils up from river
touched by burning ball of bright
thrown up above horizon:
catch it with my eyes.

Tube of tiny flocking birds
migrating, maybe
twists, confused,
snakes across the sky.


Fleet of mottled ducks
flotilla of grey geese
flanked by two white cranes
pretending not to be a pair.


Cyclops eye of Moon
peers down at me
through piney
forest shapes of vapor.

7 October 2003

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

x 17 x

Brief barest brush,
butterfly wings-
blind, lip meets lip:
bliss; better than breath.

7 October 2003


Red rimmed elephants
sleeping line the highway
dusky grey
diesel snores a-rumble
in the darkling predawn day.

7 October 2003

Monday, October 06, 2003


mad enough to spit
sad enough to slit
my wrists
brown eyes turning blue
no, not one more tear for you
used to be content
now twisted, broken, bent
trying hard to get to
can't get through it
got to do it
too tired now to weep
terrified of sleep
don't know what it means
if you're finished wanting me
why do you keep on haunting
all my dreams?

27 October 2003

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Morning After

Open door to slash of sunlight
raise bracing hand against the bright
step out into still
heaping evergreens reach for crusty eaves
lone antenna periscopes from fluffy hump
mailbox stands buried to its neck.

12 April 2003

Northbound Dawn

Through silken misty moistclouds
attracted and distracted
as morning is unfolding
to my right
in silver satin splendor
with red flannel lining
peeking out
along the hills
try to keep my eyes
on flat grey smear of ribbon-road.

3 October 2003

Thursday, October 02, 2003


In the sharp predawn hours of morning, when breath leaks visible from my body, crisp air tickles edges of nostrils, demanding entry, seeking to push out old stale inhalings, leftover from last night. Pushing, thrusting, pooling into lungs that labor to accept this fresh gift, air surrounds and pounds against skin and eyes and hair, pushing, lifting, tugging, blowing, surging, refreshing, renewing. It crackles like dry leaves inside my nose.

It's a wonderful thing, drawing in breath from the incredible blanket of atmosphere covering the planet.... pulling into lungs ions from all over the world that have somehow managed to congregate here, in this particular Where, drinking in goodness of tiny brilliant particles, white light laced with god-glimmer and Universal Love.

Brisk breeze rattles branches one against another, and leaves dance to the farewell song of crickets. I will miss them when they're gone. I find one a day dying on my driveway, tenderly move their tiny bodies from the onslaught of tricycle tires. Sun kisses my cheeks in a promise of return. I must give up my swimsuit and afternoon naps in ever dwindling puddles of shine.

The world is now an apple, hard, crunchy, flavorful, dripping with juice. Dig hands and fingers, face and feet deep into delicious.

^ 17 ^
bright sun and biting breeze
toy clouds dot a field
of lavender and blue

2 October 2003