Friday, April 30, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *


Sun caress
my shoulder neck and
warm breeze
breathes soft
my ear
tickle of delicious
down my spine.

After disdainful sneering
kiss of summer
excites like
lover's touch.

30 April 2004


We could
meet once a year
in some idyllic setting
for a grand romantic
passion that is delicious
make believe.

We could
meet once a week
for furtive
teenage gropings
somewhat less satisfying
than the furtive teenage
we had when we
were teens.

We could
be overcautious
attempting to be grownups
with freezing formal stiffness
til it's no fun
to meet.

We could
meet frequently for
fondles but never
and press things
slightly further every time
we meet.

We could
be friends forever
share special fond affection
pretending to ourselves
we'll someday have a
real affair.

15 May 2005; #26

Nine Stanzas

Your heart did not seem in it
as you went through the motions
you weren't quite convincing
I wonder what you wanted
and what you had to prove.

What is it you were doing
as you failed to convince me
to initiate some action?
What is it you were proving?
What was it,
and to whom?

What was it you were doing
drawing me with one arm
as if to make me welcome
while with the other elbow
you fended me away?

You had the advantage
of having an agenda
while I, blind and open
stumbled in the rhythm
of a dance I do not know.

You sketched a box around you
detailed all my shouldn'ts
shadowed me in unimportance
drew lines I mustn't cross.

You didn't quite convince me
there was something calculated
I doubt your motivation-
where is that giddy sizzle
I thought we used to have?

Whatever I was hoping
all I really wanted
was the chance to love you
quietly, in person
so surely it confused me
that you went through the motions
of returning my affection
with false enthusiasm
or wicked tight restraint.

What is it you wanted
I wonder
and I wonder.
I wonder if you got it
if I have it to give.

Until I understand your
motivation and intention
until you've convinced me
I'm not simply compensation
It's my inclination that despite
my fascination
succesive interactions
motivate me towards

15 May 2005; #27
* amor vincit omnia *


Steady on the precipice
prepare for plunge to
unimagined depth
stomach fisted in anticipation
knowing when I leap
I might easily take flight.

30 April 2004 (wwn)

Thursday, April 29, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *


You held my hand and kissed it
you fiddled with my ring
Did you know these tiny gestures
would make my senses sing?

Did you calculate your moment,
did you modulate your voice
Are my senses and emotions
tools to you, or toys?

Tell me I'm not dreaming
tell me that you care
Promise me forever
as your fingers fan my hair.

29 April 2004 (wwn) #5


For twenty years in
mud it lay
sleeping until
it had reached
and the world
was ready.

It emerges
with dinosaurian
into the murken
waters of the bay.

Its curvy carapace
invites inspection
even as the
ridged lash
of tail
churns warning
in its wake.

29 April 2004 #4


rectangular sunlight
spills into stairwell
shadow silhouette
stumbles down steps

28 April 2004

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *

Unexpectd Questions

You fall into my life to grace my present like a gift
The clumps of time between us treasures we can sift.

I didn't know my ears would sing
when your mouth shaped my name
How is it that your flicker touch
sets my nerve endings aflame?

I couldn't know your face would show me
warmth stoked by desire
Is it worth the blisters, then
to handle sudden fire?

In your words, I hear your heart; your voice reveals your need
How should I resist you when you're echoing my greed?

27 April 2004 #3

Sunday, April 25, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *

Holding Butterfly (17)

Feather caresses
taste my textures; prayerful, folds
me in tender hands.

25 April 2004 #2

Summer Home

sprinkled in the sky
bright jewel planets shine.

Powdersoft breeze scented
of flat brackish water
wraps sinuous around;
warm wet touch of
springtime filtered rain
prickles kisses on bare skin.

Feel surge and thrust
of back and shoulder muscles-
mine as I wield an oar
beneath my hands.

Loft a silent beckon
a promise

24 April 2004 #1

Monday, April 12, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *


Bring you forth out of my body
love you into being
you crawl across my surface
choking out my other children
like a virus
like a vine.

Scar my epidermis
slash into my depths
to suckle at my wounds.

Yes, and I will love you
breathe my breath upon you
hold you, awful offspring
as you steal away my soul.

11 April 2004