Friday, May 27, 2005

* amor vincit omnia *


Mouth full of warning
Eyes full of walls: wintry
face freezes warm heart.

26 May 2005 #27

Monday, May 16, 2005

* amor vincit omnia *


I want
to pry you open
inhale your
salty fragrance
your juicy sweetness
suck your
liquid leakings
and feel
the grind of
ocean floor
against my teeth.

14 May 2005; #24


Words buzz
tumble, dart
annoy, sting
together weave
perfect hexagons
of sweet.

Spirit soars
dives, flutters
plunges, flaps
toward flight.

I, you, beekeeper, birdwatcher
work to bind two
species in a cage
that I, you, we
create with pen and page.

12 May 2005 -wwn-

Grey Blur

Water fog and sky merge
into a seamless
satin sheet streched
taut across
the city scape.

24 April 2005

Sunday, May 01, 2005

* amor vincit omnia *

(( 17 ))

Swimming hard for calm
water creates ripples.
Peace is. Embody it.

(1 May 2005)

Pleasing expression
Expressing pleasure:
Never hope surrender
Nevertheless, remember
Yesterday is yesterday.

For Penny Sansevieri, author and marketing guru, written while CJ read her cards.
(30 March, 2005)