Friday, June 27, 2008

* amor vincit omnia *

Nouns, A Shorthand Language

When I say
Volkswagon Mac Birkenstock, you
conjure an image in your mind, which may even
supply a scent of burning contraband, which I
deliberately. If I say
Manolo Jaguar Winebar, the picture is
different, and accompanied by
the aroma of Botox
or silicone
or both.
Minivan Khaki Ponytail
paints another portrait, as does
Eyeliner Fishnet Piercing, Golfcart Polo Cigar, or Beard Leather Harley.
It is possible to distill yet further, for example
Lipstick Miniskirt, Sunburn Tractor, Champagne Steeplechase,
Hardhat Bicep, Lolipop Shoestring, Goldtooth Doo-rag
or Bluerinse Walker. Your image of Streetcorner Squeege might be different from mine; perhaps not. For Crewcut Dufflebag, your brain fills in
a uniform of your choice. If I say
Naked Pinup, you probably don’t need the words
Blonde or Kennedy to smell
the Chanel Number Five.
Beware, though: these thumbnail poloroids can get too sketchy, for your vision of
Polyester Aquanet will change entirely
when I add the word

June 2008