Friday, May 14, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *


A good thing to have gone
for how much longer
could I go on
staring at the shape
of his long slender
the muscles in
his arm
surprising tilt of
nose, graceful strength
in his tapered
feet, but most
of all the rich
and tempting
luscious fullness(begging
to be bitten)of
his mouth.

13 May 2004 #2


Hold self still
by joy and fear
for if I move,
he may remove
his touch.

12 May 2004 #1

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *

Nothing But Nice

It's been winter in my absence
Now I try to make amends
Rekindle our old bonding
Not quite lovers, more than friends.

Am I too familiar?
Do I presume too much?
It's hell to have you hostile
Flinching from my Hateful Touch.

12 May 2004

Sunday, May 09, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *


by intense exquisite
of clearwater gaze
til nothing else exists
and in all the world
(as it rolls around
and rolls around
and rolls around
like a tumbling stomach
a whirling heaving heart)
there is nothing of importance
but this moment hung between us
like a golden harvest moon.

8 May 2004


Pretty black girl
in a pretty pink dress
with her hair done up
for a wedding.

Pretty pink shawl
around pretty brown shoulders
shiny like a
satin dance slipper.

8 May 2004

Thursday, May 06, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *


Having slaked the thirst of
him who held it
the vessel, tossed aside
cracks and leaks
the remainder of its contents
on barren sand.

6 May 2004

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *

Just Lunch

You closed your eyes
nostrils aquiver
as you chewed a bit of salmon.

I beg your pardon for pretending
that expression
was somehow applicable
to me.

5 May 2004


Uneasy prowling past the witching hour
dissolve into the Vortex Box
that serves as shallow substitute
for an Actual Life
as I am shallow shadow of an
actual wife.

Intimate distance of unmasked anonymity
Loving you was easier in the abstract
Where do we intersect, how interact?

Real Life, Real Love
Real Friends, Real Time
What is Reality except a product of the mind?
Reality, the dream
we dream that we can find.

4 May 2004

Monday, May 03, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *

Layered Memory

Tip face and stretch arms skyward
to catch wet heaven blessings
(you watch me framed by doorway on a step)

Lean head against a shoulder
(come inside the arm, it's better)

Quick step careless in the narrow cobbled street
(tuck my arm through yours,
gain the graceful favor of your smile)

Thunder, distant, grumbles
there are places you'll be with me
when I go.

3 May 2004 (wwn)

Before Coffee

Open window
sucks steam from
skin-scented bath

elbows on sill
peer out into blur
of green

chirp and swish
and patter
make lush
a day last month
would have stamped
as drear.

3 May 2004 (wwn)