Monday, July 11, 2005

* amor vincit omnia *


Air hangs heavy on salty skin
like soggy breath of dog
who strains at leash
attentive, twitchy
entranced by cat
ensconced in bush
alight with tiny flying fires.

Rasp of sandal
against pavement
against concrete
against asphalt
is muffled in muggy dim.

Dark sneaks softly after dusk
hinting breath of fresh
puffing hopeful waftings
through dogged panting air
that rolls like damp
tongue against
salty skin.

28 June 2005

Bad Mother

From his velvet throat rumbled tiny
delicious portraits of
his children
and I was struck by how
I have written about
because clearly I am a
Bad Mother, as I am
a Bad Mother when
I give them cornflakes instead
of eggs and bacon
or boxed
macaroni rather
than sauteed vegetables
and brown rice.

When I sit at the computer
while they watch some television program
which is always educational
even the advertising
one way
or another
I realize quite fully that I am
a Bad Mother for not
sitting with them.

When I spend my time writing the
ten thousand things
in my head that are

as this is

something other than
my children
it can only be because I
am a Bad Mother.

8 July 2005

Blue Freshness

It is difficult to explain
to someone who has never
worked an outdoor venue
the small but wonderous


of being first
to use a freshly cleaned

toilet paper roll
as yet unwrapped.

11 July 2005
* amor vincit omnia *


A year ago, a great
brought me on
its back to
your arms and in my
excitment I
nearly knocked you
over. When
the door opened, I was
devoured by
bears and
dogs and
fish and
and your father's cats.

From his shower stall, a
watched me with
angry, hungry eyes.
A rabbit
and I stared
at one another, intense
waiting to see
would flicker first. From
her kitchen, a
watched me, feathers
ruffled with suspicion.

woke and
sang me back to
sleep in your

I devoured
Chinese, sushi, sandwiches with
sprouts, your
boss, your town, your
family and

You would do it the same, you said, but I'll
go you one better. I
would do it

7 May 2005 -wwn- #4