Sunday, June 27, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *

You, Universe

Pulse of turgid mind beside me
spark studded sky above
share names of Heaven's bodies
tales of life and love and death.

Spinning upward, outward
drop softly to your shoulder
suck your scent into my system
press my face against your neck.

If you turn your head to kiss me
I'm surely going under
drowning in the rhythm
of your feather satin breath.

27 June 2004 (#16)


Flex Vulcan arm of power
move against a fractious cousin
who bites back when you bully
regretting not the cost of his
slice in unprotected back.

More tears with each hour
bodies by the dozens
embrace each other fully
over headless human hostages
rolling in Iraq.

27 June 2004

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Lacking dog, I'm naked in this park.
The trees are wrong
the smells are wrong
the pavement's wrong
the shops are wrong
the people, even, are somehow wrong.

Though I'm home, I'm more lost
than I have ever been before.
If home is where your heart is,
I wonder where I've left mine
and if I'll ever find it.

21 June 2004

Monday, June 14, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *


Deathcall hovers, fog on water
Memory shifts like gravelled sand
I am fearful of the flicker
Of the candle in your hand.

Fingers wrap around tall beaker
Flame pulse beats against clear glass
Boiling smoke churns, overflowing
Puffed air blows away the past.

Cloak of sultry carries warning
Wail of freight train, foghorn's moan
Wispy smoulder's empty leavings
Shuttered city sends me home.

13 June 2004 (w.w.i.n.o.)

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *

Mrs. Parker Complains

I've sold my art to men who sign my paychecks
I'm slave to any prat with comb in hand
But though I've sold devotion, time and body
It's marriage when I'm whore for just one man.

8 June 2004


Feet fresh dipped in sandalwood
I flicker fast and faster
over trees and sandbars
scenes serene and of disaster
in silver wing-heeled sandals
on my way to meet my Master.

8 June 2004 (wwn)

Exhale, Exit

In fields we sat too close
Sundrenched, we laughed too much
Watch you like a starving woman, I
desperate hold me from your touch.

One bite, one taste, one breath, one beat
One arm around my waist is not enough
Fly from you, a swollen dandelion
Scattered, shattered wide in gentle puff.

5 June 2004 #3

Castle Keep

Steady thrum of rain on copper rooftop
steady drip of torture fills the moat
trees shake chilly comfort through the window
speaking my own words, you build a boat.

Seventeen year voices trill in laughter
seventeen year longings pull the oars
rainrush quiets descent from the tower
my boat awaits; no point in swamping yours.

5 June 2004 (wwn)

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *

)) 17 ((

Bandit clouds
creep across
baleful eye of brilliant moon:
summer storm moves.

2 June 2004


Doorstep moment, breathless
eyes smoulder through
morning smog
thump hearts
bump breast to chest
spark lips
sear fingertips
slow stride
down crackling sidewalk:
See you soon.

2 June 2004


Tied by towels together in
Infinite univese
My friend, refound.

29 May 2004