Thursday, July 22, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *

Festival, Ought-Four

Faces glowing, shining
everybody beautiful when a smile
rolls round a face
and sets.

Though I've no reason to expect you
still I seek you
try to sniff you out
from crabcakes, cigarettes
patchouli, beer
and sweat.

Colored dresses
colored people
shoes both sensible
and foolish
bright my day here
light my night
as live music throbs and frets.

17 July 2004 (#18)

Storm Brewing

Heavy humid air wraps
round like sodden terry
towel upon my skin.
The outlined cityscape
is blurred through sullen haze.

12 July 2004

Saturday, July 10, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *

Weathered Walls

Eyes a flapping flag, a lure
mouth a siren song
expansive brain a stormy thorny fortress
I can't keep up
I can't leap up
I will not measure up
turn away in insecure depression.

Face goes blurry in my mind,
catch a whiff of your expression
or a gesture
soft fists propping up your chin.

Rocks against a window
ineffective; what do I know?
knock knock
bang bang
you will not let me in
knock knock
bang bang
are you still there?

Am I still here?

For one last moment

Leave a flower, gift, upon the step
back away another decade, more or less.

10 July (#17)

Monday, July 05, 2004

* amor vincit omnia *

Burst and Fade

Charred the pyrotechnics smelt
Wafting past on evening air
Tingle body felt
As your breath stirred my hair
Drumming heart against my back
Overpowered boom against the black
Spark and glitter in the sky
Dim to ones between you and I
Tonight alone I stand
Ankle deep in shifting sand
Gone, the deck on which we stood
Like all between us that was good
Some other structure built
Perhaps, like us, on treachery of silt.

3 July 2004 (#43)