Sunday, August 20, 2006

* amor vincit omnia *

Perfect Parts

At 5’ 10, you’re perfect, for I
can lean my head
against your shoulder,
inhale the skin
of your neck.

When I reach to drape this
chain of daisies and then my arms
around you, I do not strain but have arm
leftover to skim down your spine
and scratch that place, yes that one
just there.

If I were to wrap my leg
around your calf
I will not feel like a little monkey climbing a tree
but rather as though I can shift my weight
and take you down
to roll with me in green green grass.

8 August 2006


I do not know if you are beautiful
because I love you
or if you are beautiful
because you are beautiful.
I’ve loved you so long
I can’t even see you anymore

Occasionally I wonder
If you’re there or are only
a mirage invented by the love
in my mind.

18 August 2006 #12 wwn

Dorothy’s Lament

Because I show, I’m sure you know my heart
And you’ll be unsurprised to hear me say
I drink alone whey you’re not home
which irritates and grates my every part:
I hate it when I fall into cliche.

15 August 2006 #11


I cross from that state
into this. The landscape fails
to change color. No jagged
line marks the moment or the space.

You are now one hour in my past, though
I’ve travelled only twenty minutes.

Under the bronze moon, round
as a penny, just as flat, fresh
laid asphalt shines like
a wet cheek.

I left the map with you since
important boundaries are
invisible, especially those that are
etched on your face.

8 August 2006 #5